Quarterback Mac Jones says he’s “feeling better” and “more confident” heading into training camp.

At this time last year, Mac Jones was a first-round draft selection who was vying for the starting quarterback position with the Patriots. Jones begins Year 2 in 2022 with the goal of becoming a better person in every way after securing his position. In response to one of the more well-liked criticisms of the Patriots’ offseason program, Jones told NBC Sports Boston’s Phil Perry that improving his food discipline was one of his main goals this offseason. “I believe it’s crucial to evaluate everything, and doing so was one of my goals for the year. I made a lot of progress, “Jones remarked final week. “repairing my body, feeling cozy, feeling better and healthier. Ultimately, you must remember that you are still a human and should exercise as much self-control as possible when eating.” Jones’ slimmer physique wasn’t the only thing that was apparent this spring. Jones, 23, decided to assert himself more on the field, and his teammates took note, commenting that Jones’ leadership abilities have improved to “another level” this offseason. Jones stepped up his efforts by socializing with Patriots pass catchers in his spare time to improve their relationship. Jones has every right to be more assured coming into his second season after a great first. Despite the early setbacks, Jones assisted in guiding the Patriots to a 10-7 record and a wild-card spot in 2021. Jones finished the season with 3,801 passing yards, 22 touchdown passes, and 13 interceptions. His 67.56 season completion percentage ranked second all-time for a rookie. He started all 17 games. Following some AFC quarterbacks’ decision to skip the all-star game, Jones won a spot in the Pro Bowl. Although Jones’ goals for the offseason have been publicly known since February, with training camp drawing near, the Patriots quarterback is starting to see the results of his offseason work. Jones is well-prepared for a crucial summer that entails adjusting to life without former Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels by ensuring his physical and emotional health well in advance. Jones stated, “I think it all comes down to simply trying to become a better athlete and person. “That was my objective for the offseason. What matters is that I feel healthier and more confident. I’m just going to attempt to go in there and do my thing, lead everyone, and assist in our forming a cohesive team. So, that’s really what it’s about. The offseason is a terrific time to take it easy and unwind a bit while still trying to advance where you want to. I think I already did it.” On July 26, seasoned Patriots are expected to report to training camp.