More people watch the World Series than the Thursday night NFL…

The World Series draws a larger audience than Thursday night. Football game Published at 01:49 GMT on November 5, 2022 | Updated at 01:49 GMT on November 5, 2022

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – On a rare Thursday night when a World Series game and an NFL game clashed, baseball drew more viewers not only nationally, but also in Philadelphia and Houston. On Fox, the Astros’ 3-2 victory over the Phillies on Thursday night averaged 12,768,000 viewers, giving Houston a 3-2 series lead. On Amazon Prime Video, the Philadelphia Eagles’ 29-17 victory over the Houston Texans averaged 7,860,000 views. Nielsen compiled both statistics. It was the first time since 2013 that the World Series and the NFL clashed on a Thursday night. The football game was broadcast on NFL Network that year. NFL games typically outperform the World Series in terms of attendance, but this is the first year the NFL has sold a package of games to a streaming service. Nielsen and Prime Video have reached an agreement on ratings, but measuring audience numbers with a streaming package is still in the works. The Green Bay-Buffalo game on NBC last Sunday night averaged 21 million viewers, while ESPN’s “Monday Night Football” averaged 15.3 million viewers through the first seven weeks. World Series Game 5 was watched by 13,014,000 people across Fox Deportes and Fox’s streaming platforms. During the ninth inning, the attendance reached 14,613,000. The first five games on Fox have averaged 11,642,000 viewers, a 1% increase over the same point last year and a 24% increase over the five-game average in 2020. This year’s Game 5 attendance was 7.6% lower than the previous year’s game between the Atlanta Braves and Houston Astros. “Thursday Night Football” on Prime Video averaged 9.4 million viewers, according to Amazon’s measurement, which collects viewing data via devices and account logins. According to Nielsen, Thursday night games on Prime Video average 10.01 million viewers and 11.8 million viewers on Amazon. In Philadelphia, the World Series game received a 25.9 rating and 50 share, while Houston received a 25.5/55. As of Friday night, the NFL local market data was still unavailable. The Eagles-Texans game was originally scheduled to air on Fox affiliates in Philadelphia and Houston before Monday’s rainout of Game 3 pushed everything back a day and shifted football to other channels. According to long-standing NFL policy, non-broadcast network games must be available on over-the-air stations in the markets of the participating teams. The rating is the proportion of television households that watched a broadcast. The share is the percentage of households that watched a telecast at the time. AP MLB: and @AP Sports on Twitter