Delanie Walker tells story of rookie’s car getting stolen in NFL

Delanie Walker played 14 seasons in the NFL, all with the San Francisco 49ers and the Tennessee Titans. During his 7-year tenure with the Titans, he was a three-time NFL Pro Bowler and one of the league’s most effective tight ends.
Delanie Walker was also compensated handsomely for his contributions on the field in the NFL. Over 14 seasons, he earned a total of $48,690,653. The breakdown was around $8M with the 49ers and $40.6M with the Titans.
I mention money because it is central to the following story. Delanie Walker tells Bussin’ With The Boys about the worst NFL rookie locker room prank he’s ever seen. He first admits that he was never hazed as a rookie, but then tells a story about a rookie’s car being stolen:
Delanie Walker was referring to Alfred Alonzo “A. J.” Jenkins Jr. in this story. Delanie’s final season with the 49ers saw him drafted in the first round of the 2012 NFL Draft.
After receiving a $3,492,752 signing bonus from the 49ers, AJ Jenkins arrived in San Francisco as the 30th overall NFL Draft pick. In his three seasons in the NFL, he earned a total of $5,610,143, which is a lot of money.
Regardless of how much money you have in the bank, having your car stolen and left at the airport for several weeks while accruing fees and leaving you with a $10,000 bill is a nightmare. If I were in his situation, the first thing I would have done is requested the security footage to prove that my car was taken without my permission. Instead of paying more than $10,000 to get his car out of the airport, he could have fought the bill.
Delanie Walker hasn’t played in the NFL in about three years, and he’s been missed. Dennis Green’s classic 2019 troll of the Cleveland Browns quote was excellent:

Delanie Walker had some wild moments in the NFL.

The NFL’s health protocols change frequently. And it’s hard to believe Delanie Walker’s story was only three years ago. He talked about getting an IV on the field that was administered incorrectly, resulting in fluid in his lungs. During the game, he said he “damn near died”:
“I got fluid in my lungs and damn near died almost in the game,” Walker explained (h/t Titans beat writer Paul Kuharsky and ProFootballTalk’s Charean Williams). “The [person who gave me the IV] simply wasn’t paying attention, and the fluid was gone, so air got into my…”

Taylor Lewan, Titans offensive tackle and podcast co-host, chimed in at that point.

“If you get a certain amount of CCs of air in your blood system…say 100 CCs, you’ll die,” Lewan explained. “If you get enough of it, it will dilate your heart in a certain way.”
It’s difficult to imagine how that must have felt on the field during a game.