Buffalo Bills Vs Miami Dolphins Live Stream

Buffalo Bills
34 31
Miami Dolphins
The Miami Dolphins' ability to stop Josh Allen and the Buffalo Bills will determine whether or not they can upset the Bills. This defense has put in two strong performances in a row. For the Dolphins to have a chance, they will need to put on another strong performance this week.
Let's take a look back at the Week 3 victory over the Bills. The Dolphins' defense played for 40 minutes and only gave up 19 points. How did they accomplish this? How did they contain such a dangerous offense?
I believe the keys to this game are hidden somewhere in the middle of it. The Dolphins' defense won the turnover battle, which was the first and most important thing they did in that game. With a rookie quarterback leading the offense, it is critical for the Dolphins to get him extra possessions. Ideally, we'd like those to result in good field position.
The Dolphins' front four must go after Josh Allen. They need to make him feel like he has to make a big play or else he'll throw an interception. The first sentence was the most important part of that paragraph. "With the front four, go after Josh Allen." When blitzed, Allen is one of the league's best quarterbacks. We've seen it both times the Dolphins have faced the Bills this season.
Bradley Chubb and Jaelen Phillips must pursue Allen. Josh Boyer is known for blitzing and bringing opponents down into the box. But you can't do it against Allen. He rips blitz apart. I know Boyer wants to blitz, but doing so will be disastrous.
The most important thing the Dolphins' defense did against the Bills in that first meeting was their red zone defense. The Bills had four trips to the red zone in that game, scoring a touchdown on two of them, kicking a field goal on one, and missing a field goal on the other. To stay in the game, the Dolphins need a similar result on Sunday. If the Dolphins allow four touchdowns, their chances of winning this game are drastically reduced.
This is ultimately where the game is headed. When the Bills make mistakes and put the ball in danger, the Dolphins must recover it. When the Bills enter the red zone, the Dolphins must limit them to field goals. If the Dolphins do these two things, they will be in a good position to win the game.